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Default Re: MK20 ABS unit differences

Originally Posted by Volke View Post
That guy's post has a lot of misinformation.

The "unquestionably progressive 330 rack" is unquestionably linear. I measured mine prior to installation. It has 50mm/rev, 3 turns lock to lock and 150mm total travel from side to side. I checked the 50mm/rev directly at center and on both ends.

The Z3 non-M rack is also fully linear. It has 53.5mm/rev, 2.7 turns lock to lock and 144.5 mm total travel. It's a little faster, but as you can tell from the total travel, it will hurt your turn radius a bit.

I'll go get my regular E46 M3 rack from PE on Monday and measure it.

Link? Remember any of the details?

That would mean that both the ZCP rack and the 330 rack are 50mm/rev, but the 330 steering knuckle has the outer tie rod location a little closer to the control arm bolt.

If that's true, saves me the effort and money of trying to find a ZCP rack.
I don't know if my measurements were accurate enough to say for sure whether or not the ZHP rack is 49mm vs 50mm or M3 rack 46mm vs 47mm. I also never had a ZCP rack on hand, I can't confirm or deny whether there's a measurable difference there.

Edit: In this post (which I believe was closer to when I actually changed steering racks and did the measurements), I said the M3 was ~46.5 mm/rev.

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