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Default Re: MK20 ABS unit differences

Originally Posted by mercedesc63 View Post
When I had my 02 E46 M3 I wanted to upgrade the steering rack.. i learned a few things first of all that purple tag zhp rack is linear whereas the e46 m3 comes stock with a progressive. In addition according to my research the zcp rack works fine on a MK20 which is a slightly faster rack 15;4 vs 14:5 both progressive. Also I reccomend that new dsc tune and i really do think it can settle the dsc down a lot in theory.

I discovered the cheapest and easiest way to run a purple label rack is by getting a racelogic TC (discontinued) wiring it in and fine tuning it. This system works off of the abs and detects slip and cuts power to regain traction. Whereas the dsc systems like mk20 or mk60 run a lot off of steering angle/speed of steering which is why these systems never really agree.

Bottom line the MK20 doesnt have some of the sensors or capabilities to adapt to a change like a steering rack swap especially a linear one. Swapping racks never really does work 100% even on a mk60 because lets face it you are messing with something that was engineered a certain way for a certain reason.
Both the regular and ZCP E46 M3 racks are linear...
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