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Default Re: Obioban's 332iT Daily

Roof rack deleted (makes the car quieter at speed, improves high seem fuel efficiency, lets you run a functional, cross bar roof rack more easily if you actually need a roof rack for stuff):

Converted to a black headliner/pillars/accessories. I did this buy buying an entire kit from a euro M sport car, other than the headlight itself (shipping was cost prohibitive). Side perk: no airbag warning stickers on the sun visors (also have this in my M3 coupe). The headliner itself I dyed with a product the braymond suggested, and it came out remarkably well. You can feel the difference, but rarely do I touch my headliner. Inside the car, the color difference is pretty imperceptible.

Interesting discovery on this front. The euro A and B pillars are lower profile than the US ones. I found this out because they don't exactly line up with the US spec headliner I still have. You can only see this if you're looking for it, and I'm not going to change them for US parts because I like the extra visibility (A pillars) and shoulder clearance (B pillars) that these provide. If it was the M3 coupe I wouldn't stand for it, but standards are different here . Best pics I could get of the mating interface not being 100% spot on:

And, as previously mentioned, I'm temporarily running a Recaro Profi SPG XL on Brey Krause side mounts using OE BMW e46 power sliders.

They do improve practicality in the form of back seat leg room. This is the space behind me (6'4) in my default driving position with these seats:


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