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Originally Posted by camdinans3 View Post
I've always wondering. I see the benefit of the stobing emergency braking feature but don't you think it's going to confuse 95% of the people on the road? It's euro feature correct?

Do you think someone's 80 year old grandmother or new teen driver is going to recognize in that scenario that the stobing means you're emergency braking rather than say just screwing around and taping the brakes?

I get that it certainly increases the likelihood that someone will notice you're braking but again in those scenarios it's a split second decision and I'm not sure most people would put two and two together.

That being said I do think the this kind of technology should be instituted in the US.

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My hope is that it draws their attention to the car, and alerts them to something going on. At the very least it should make them look at the car... hopefully. E.g. if they're look at their phone, a strobing light in the corner of their eye maybe will cause them to look up.

The only time anyone has ever commented on it was a cop. I went past him at an extra legal speed, braked hard (this was the M3), and when he pulled me over the first thing he said was, "I like how your brakes strobe when you brake hard"

In both the (M3) wagon and M3 (coupe) I have the brake lights go normal under normal braking, extra bright under hard braking, and only strobe under ABS braking. So, hopefully I'm getting the best of both worlds-- first a second level of brake lights, for people that are aware, and then the strobes for people that aren't.

I believe it's better on average than not having it. But, probably not for everyone, for the reason you point out.

I might be extra sensitive to this because I've been rear ended in the M5 twice (so far has no brake force display, though I'm hoping to add a tiny bit this winter (e39 is too old to have all the provisions for it).

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