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Default Re: Obioban's 332iT Daily

Originally Posted by kaiv View Post
Tell me more about the brake light output upgrade mod you did :-)
I’m going to make a thread detailing the how, as I think the stock lights on the wagon are dangerously shitty, and every touring owner should do this, but the short version would be...

Coded the brake lights to run dimly as running lights
Coded the running lights to run brightly as brake lights
Coded the 3rd brake light to strobe under ABS braking
Coded the outside brake lights (original brake lights) to strobe under ABS braking

Added bulbs to both rear fog light housings
Coded them to come on as running lights dimly with headlights
Coded them to come on brightly as brake lights under hard braking

Completely for free you can double the number of brake lights, double the number of running lights, and add brake force display to the 3rd brake light.

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