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Default Re: My 99' Hellrot intro

Ugh, car is needing more work than I thought...

Looks like I need to do the valve cover gasket, and something is slowly leaking in the cooling department. I'm not 100% sure where it's coming from, it looks like the coolant overflow tank, but what do you guys think? I don't see any signs of a leak around the water pump or thermostat. Looks like it's dripping from the expansion tank onto the hose and then spraying back into the engine compartment.

Just thinking about what I need before I start taking things off. My plan is the following. LMK what you guys think and if there's additional things I should do "while we're in there" :

Z3M 3-core radiator (existing rad is theoretically about 40k miles old)
New hoses and clamps
New coolant overflow tank (existing one is only 20k miles old, but it's fairly cheap and appears to be leaking)
Coolant tank sensor...?
Valve cover gasket (someone have a list of all the essential replacement items for this job?)
BimmerWorld electric fan conversion

Already done:
Stewart water pump (20k miles)
Chain tensioners
Overflow tank

Also the car has been starting more and more rough lately, I was thinking I would inspect the spark plugs and replace if necessary, have my injectors cleaned, clean the MAF and lastly look at the coil packs. Thoughts?

Front wheel bearings still need to be done too. Fuuuuu, the list...
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