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Default Re: My 99' Hellrot intro

Got around to putting the new BimmerWorld race wheel studs on yesterday, we ended up being able to remove the broken one from inside the hub pretty easily so that's nice. The rotor had to come off but it was pretty easy to get the broken end of the old stud out with a drill.

Time to do the wheel bearings... Knew it was time anyway but no more delaying.

Same same but different, loving these wheels for track. Gotta get these tires off though...

Damage on the right rear from when the studs broke. Wheel came loose, tire dug into the 3/4 panel and ****ed it up a bit. Kind of hard to see but the two layers separated and the paint got burnt a bit. I don't really care about the paint (car is a real 10-foot special to be honest) but I want to make sure it doesn't rust, AND I need to pull the panel so it's doesn't present a danger to my rear tire. I'm hoping this can be fixed by hammering it back and using the same kind of original body filler/adhesive/whatever you call it that BMW used. Gonna bring it in this week...
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