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Default Re: VANOS P00012 code, no intake movement

Originally Posted by Slowmobile View Post
Yes I did. I verified I could hear it with a magnet. I did not know DIS has an option to activate it, awesome. I will try again with the solenoid mounted to the block. Just to be sure, I can do this test with the valve body unbolted from the engine head right (I don't think engine needs to be running to supply oil. if anything that will make it harder to hear).
Yes sir! You just need to have the solenoid pack connected.

On a side note, funny thing, I made the mistake after my build of checking the injectors the same way, then doing the ignition coils. KABAAAAAMMMM! I heard my neighbors saying, "WTF is he doing over there"?

Originally Posted by Slowmobile View Post
Also, is there a specific orientation to place the block when cleaning/checking it? The 2 times I cleaned it, I just put a magnet on each set of 2 of those metal posts, positioned the block with the pressure regulator?/filter hole side down sitting on the table.
Perfect! I did it the same way you described.

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