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Default Re: VANOS P00012 code, no intake movement

Originally Posted by paulclaude View Post
I've never heard of installing it that way. By tightening the caps down on protruding pistons, the hubs will rotate along with the cams. That's probably why the cam is ending up too advanced (51deg vs 60), as the cam will be rotating with the hubs.
I have the VANOS bolted to the head and the hubs loose when i torque down the end caps (well each of the hubs 2 bolts, left and right, are snugged down so there is resistance to movement, but not enough that the cams turn with it). Then after the end caps are torqued on, I then torque down the hub bolts. I rechecked the timing at this point before removing the crank pin and the pins still slide in easily.

I think your method is the Beisan way if I am not mistaken? I have tried that one with the same result. I am beginning to wonder if I have a systematic error that I am totally missing... Maybe I will try the next sweetest tooth cause I've been setting it at my sweet tooth everytime and it basically just slides in with minimal hub rotation.

Originally Posted by paulclaude View Post
That doesn't make much sense, perhaps they are the old stored values. If your inlet position is 51.5 then the DME hasn't adapted - it's 0.5deg outside of the tolerance range of 8deg (60deg +/-8deg). Also, Vanos test runs inlet side first, so until you have fixed the inlet side, you won't know how your exhaust side is behaving

But yes, adaptation values can be reset in GT1 under that menu.

This can happen due to cam chain slack and/or tensioner wear. A trick is to leave the exhaust side locked, and re-adjust the intake side with the vanos all in place. This holds the tension on the chain while you adjust. See comment above about correct hub installation
Makes sense. I just mean I have no INPA codes saying my exhaust is over or underretarded like I have with my intake (Error 184). Guess that'l be round 2 after I finish the intake side shoot me now haha

I did change out the chain guide tensioner... So maybe the sprocket itself is moving a little bit you mean?
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