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Default Re: VANOS P00012 code, no intake movement

Originally Posted by Slowmobile View Post
By reset adapt you mean in GT1 DME->Vanos->Service Functions (i think its called service functions ... )-> reset vanos adaptations? Did that but nothing changed; adaptations were similar (on the bright side, my exhaust is adapted maybe -0.6? so not bad). Plus I think I read somewhere the DME changes your adaptations when your car is running right? Also, right now my adaptations are at like -7.5 or something so its already at its maximal adaptation.
That doesn't make much sense, perhaps they are the old stored values. If your inlet position is 51.5 then the DME hasn't adapted - it's 0.5deg outside of the tolerance range of 8deg (60deg +/-8deg). Also, Vanos test runs inlet side first, so until you have fixed the inlet side, you won't know how your exhaust side is behaving

But yes, adaptation values can be reset in GT1 under that menu.

Originally Posted by Slowmobile View Post
The bridge sits completely flat on both sides when I lock it down at TDC. Flat as in if I put the pin in with some oil, it will basically drop all the way in itself. However, after I remove the timing pins and crank pin, when I rotate the engine by hand 720, the bridge no longer sits flat. The intake is lifted maybe a papers thickness on the intake side of the head, and the exhaust is lifted maybe 1mm on the intake side. Exhaust may seem a lot worse because it is pivoting about the exhaust cam so it lifts farther off the engine head on the intake side. Not ideal, but i have not gotten an error on the exhaust side yet.
This can happen due to cam chain slack and/or tensioner wear. A trick is to leave the exhaust side locked, and re-adjust the intake side with the vanos all in place. This holds the tension on the chain while you adjust. See comment above about correct hub installation
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