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Default Re: VANOS P00012 code, no intake movement

I've never heard of installing it that way. By tightening the caps down on protruding pistons, the hubs will rotate along with the cams. That's probably why the cam is ending up too advanced (51deg vs 60), as the cam will be rotating with the hubs.

Follow this method:

Install the splined shafts to the vanos unit with the caps in place. Push both pistons/splined shafts fully back into the vanos unit. With cams locked in position with the timing bridge, rotate both hubs fully clockwise, and install the vanos unit. Ensure engagement on eached splined shaft is on the first counter-clockwise available spline from the hub fully clockwise position.

You can also use the 'sweet tooth' method, although it really makes no difference to operation. Prior to attaching the splined shafts to the Vanos unit, simply use a pen to mark where each hub has engagment with the splined shaft without any ccw hub rotation from full cw position.

The preloading is carried out with the vanos set back slightly from the head, after vanos is inserted. The spacers are approximately the same width as the dowels, so essentially dowel position. It provides resistance against the splines and hubs to take up any play while bolting the vanos down the last few mm.
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