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Originally Posted by Adgar View Post
Those look incredible! Was he rubbing on the fronts or rears? or both? A lot of aftermarket wheels come in 10.5 rears and that IMO seems too wide! With these being 9.5 rears I would think that wouldn't be much of an issue, but it seems like 285's are just to wide for our cars.
He sold the tires a month after installing them.
In the thread, post #29, he indicates a bit of rubbing, and I interpret it to mean the rears.
His wheels were the very same ones I have; Volk TE37 18x8.5 ET35, 18x9.5 ET22.

It appears to me that a very mild drop, with a bit more negative camber (and all that goes along with a proper 4 wheel alignment), and the 255/285 combo would not rub.

By comparison, I'm running stock sizes 225/255 on the same wheels.
I like how the car feels on the street with this setup.
One of the main reasons I have 18" Volks is weight (as in not much weight), along with strength, easy to wipe clean, and I like how they look.
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