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Default If I were in high school I'd build it like this: My '99 M3 build

Hi Guys,

I've been around here for a while but mainly stay in the E46 section. Last month a purchased a 1999 M3 from a good friend so I figured I'd use this thread to track my progress. This is the 5th E36 M3 and 8th e36 I've owned. The previous 4 M3s were all sedans (2 Techno, 1 Estoril, 1 Tiag). I'm currently in the process of selling my E46 M3 so this car is helping me get over it. The E46 just became too track focused where it became a terrible weekend car to drive the kids around in.

I had a white E30 sedan in high school but always wanted a E36 M3 coupe like the ones I used to see on and BF.c. My idea with this M3 is to build my high school self the car he always wanted. Given that I have the means and the ability to work on and setup the car to my liking i figure why not? It also helps that I convinced my wife that this car will be my "cheap fun" in comparison to the E46.

So this is how I purchased it:

The friend I bought it from used to use it as his daily driven track car. I purchased it with 198k miles. Suspension is the Ground Control track school kit with Eibach sway bars. Wheels are 17x9 CCW classic race. It also came with a Dinan front strut brace.

I personally found the wheels to be hideous so I swapped them out for a set of square 8.5" DS2s. I later replaced the worn out tires they came with with a fresh set of Bridgestone RE71r in 255/40r17.

Next up, I swapped out the black grills for a brand new, genuine set of chrome grills. I just need to get the second set of fog light deletes painted along with a rear tow hook cover. Then my front end will look much tidier.

My friend originally had an Abrahams Motorsports LTW wing on the car but swapped out the trunk lid. A little bit of time passed and I proposed some pretty compelling arguments so he finally gave it up:

I didn't think it would be worth it to just waste my track tires on the street so I convinced myself I needed a set of street wheels. I have a low offset set of 18x9.5 Forgeline RS' in my garage but I didn't want to do excessive fender rolling like I've done in the past. I guess I'll just save them for another project one day. Instead, I found a nice set of one of my dream wheels: Fikse FM5s in 18x9in square.

I made it over to R Compound to get some tires for my new wheels and these are the results:

Lastly, I installed my Recaro Pole Position driver's seat and italvolanti Formel steering wheel. I think it looks good as well as serves it's purpose. I'm trying to find a single, black Recaro SRD for the passenger side so my kids can still get in the back seat.

That's all for now. Not bad for a month of ownership. Next up is a whole lot of clean up, paintless dent removal, tint removal, and track prep. I'm too old to have a beat up looking E36. I must say, it's been pretty fun trying to find all the parts I wanted back when I was a teenager. I'm going to try my best to not turn it into a dedicated track car but I love race car parts now as much as I did back then so we'll see I guess.

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