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Default Re: Directory of 3D parts to DIY 3D print/machine

Here's the brake ducts I came up with, which are designed to replace the stock foglights and OE brake ducts.

There's two variants-- one with an intake duct, one without. That said. I designed it with my intake setup specifically in mind-- so if you are running a stock intake or full stock ducting CSL intake, you'll need to tweak them to work with your setup. I included a ducted passenger version, as well, but that'll only be useful for engine swapped cars

The mounting brackets (files also attaches) should be metal. They attach to stock holes on the bumper, and you can use them at the same time as the stock parts that attach there (horns on the drivers side, I forget what on the passenger side).

The inside of the ducts mounts to the stock brake duct mounting location, reusing the stock hardware.

If you run the piping as pictured below, you should have zero rubbing at full steering lock (at least with my 275 wide front track tires that's the case for me). I used hard motorsport backing plates, but they're kind of crap-- I don't recommend them, but they do function with some massaging.

These are designed so that you can take the bumper off and the brake ducts stay behind-- so the car doesn't become more of a PITA to work on. They don't require drilling any holes in the bumper, or permanent modification to anything. That said, you get a clearly final look if you cut off the fog light mounting bracket inside the bumper.

You can download them all from dropbox here:

here's the part, this is the ducted version:

Here's how they look installed with the bumper off:

bumper on with fog light mounting bracket retained:

Where's to pass the tubing through for no rubbing:

Full lock one way:

Full lock the other way:

Final result:


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