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Originally Posted by Got_S54? View Post
On the stock bumper, we have 2 ducts like you said. The left one cools the brakes and the right one serves 2 purposes: cool the brakes and feed air into the airbox.

On the CSL's, the purpose of the duct is really for feeding air into the airbox.

CSL's were designed with track use in mind, and would likely have race pads when on the track. Simply put, the compound of a race pad works best when hot. When cool, they are actually very abbrassive and have minimal bite, and will chew up the rotors faster than when they are hot. In addition, stress cracks on slotted or crossdrilled rotors tend to develop when the rotors are repeatedly shocked by a wide range of temperatures (cold, hot, cold, hot, etc). As awkward as it sounds, for track use, cold brakes don't work well.

On the other hand, the streepads regular M3's generally have loose effectiveness when they get too hot since they have a much lower heat range. They're great when they're cool but can drop off rapidly as they reach their maximum operating temp range which *can* happen with spirited driving on the street. In addition, cooler temps with street pads prolongs pad and rotor life.
Humm... Interesting. But what's up with track cars owners installing airducts that go directly to the rotor?

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