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Default Re: Former E46 owner to E93

I posted this at m3 post as well.

I just spent the first weekend on track with the E90M3. The cage was finished Monday and we raced it the following Friday/Saturday. With time being a factor we did not have time to upload a tune so it went into limp mode all weekend. I would do a hard reset while on track and wait until the next error, then reset again. All while in a race! It has something to do with the steering and wheel sensors so I had to drive it and only use throttle when the car was straight. Another story as I was fighting for the NER T1 championship and needed points to win.

What are my thoughts from going from an E46 to the E90? The E90 Handled *BETTER* than the E46. Period. It rotated better, turned in quicker, had zero understeer like the E46. Steering was heavier in the E90 (I like) and the E90 is surprisingly nimble for a fat pig. I was shocked at how little understeer it had! My driving style introduces understeer and this car was a joy to drive. Sure it felt insulated from the E46, keep in mind that I had solid everything in that car and you could feel pebbles under it. The E90, while not even set up yet, is miles ahead of the E46 platform. Some of the E46 purists may disagree as their beloved platform is going to get smoked by the E90. The E90 wins in every category, hands down. My buddies racing the E46's were asking, how do you like it. My response was, "when it gets out of limp mode, you guys will be looking to race in another class." Hard stares and heavy gulps all around.

I have not even talked about the S65, which is on a whole different level than the S54. With the S54 it was like running a chainsaw at full RPM all the time and with the E90 it is much more relaxed. Driving the car and managing the motor I was not taxed at all. AT ALL. I can drive the E46M3 all day and not break a sweat, with the new E90M3 it was the most relaxed I have ever felt on track. The car is comfortable, predictable, very well mannered, and the motor when above 5K rpm is intoxicating. People behind me loved to hear it sing.

I will not even think about the E46 going forward. That is in the rear view mirror and I am very happy with the decision of changing platforms.

Sure it will take some time to sort out, but that is half the fun. I have a 4:45 diff on order and that should be an absolute beast when installed.
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