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Im so glad you brought this up. I have 2 years experience with this whistling deal and I gave up on it. Here is some background on my experience with this:

Started with a faint whistle, which became more noticeable with time. It seemed to be louder when the weather was cold. Then it started happening while I was driving, so it sounded like canaries under my hood. It went away a bit during the summer, when the weather was warm. It comes back each winter when it gets cold out. Just started this week, as here in California is got a bit chilly.

I have taken the car to the dealer various time for this and had to show the dealer how to recreate the sound. They took apart my SMG and put it back together because the extended warranty would not pay for a repair. I decided to just leave it alone. The whistling went away for a while and comes back periodically. Not the dealer, not any indy shop has been able to tell me the problem.

BTW, I thought it was the SMG, but later realized it wasn't. Its obviously something else because my SMG is fine.
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