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Default Re: M50 manifold installation question (yet another)

finally got mine buttoned up.... the install wasn't all that bad, but i took my time as i went through the entire process. I replaced pretty much all the vacuum lines. I re-did all the heater core hoses and a few other coolant hoses that run underneath the manifold and replaced all the gaskets. I ended up breaking a few pintel caps off the injectors when i pulled the fuel rail, so i just ended up sending them out for a rebuild since the car is old and i wanted piece of mind.

Mine did not fire right up, as I had air in the fuel system from removing the injectors AND doing the fuel filter. I got a few misfire codes but cleared them and haven't seen them since. Car runs perfect

Just take your time, DON'T force things. I'd advise you to remove the window cowling and the cover that goes over the blower motor... makes your life so much easier

Good luck! I am happy to answer any questions as I too found the internet to be jumbled regarding this swap and the Turner instructions were so/so.

If i had to do it all over again i'd probably go with but i am perfectly happy with the turner kit ... i did repaint mine black because that blue looks cheesy
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