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Default Re: New m3 and rod bearings

Originally Posted by Rez View Post
^^Very good and key question.
That will be done after one year of driving in the test vehicle. See the oil flow analysis thread on this site for details of ongoing testing.

I think a much better question is one that nobody is asking. Why are so many people removing and "inspecting" their VAC bearings? I certainly wouldn't recommend opening up a bottom end of a car "just because I'm curious" to see what the bearings look like. So why are so many people doing it with their VAC bearings? And then what are they doing: are they replacing the bearings again like they should once the bottom end is opened up, or are they just closing it back up again with the same bearings?

Once people replace their bearings with BE Bearings, I would expect that to be the end of it. Unless there's a reason to open up the bottom end again, I don't recommend doing it. So I'm not holding my breath to see people pulling their BE Bearings like they do with their VAC bearings.

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