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Default dutchhome's 2001 LSB M3 (no pics yet)

This is a placeholder for documenting my multi-car M3 restoration. I'm adding just a high level overview for now and I'll fill in the gaps and add pictures as I go along.

Early 2017:
Son bought 2003.5 Jet Black / Cinnamon M3 with severe RACP damage:

Lots of new parts to dress it up:
* Trunk reverse lights
* Left brake light
* Headlight lenses and gaskets
* more stuff I forget right now

Spring / Summer 2017:
(Car is at High Tech Auto Body in Delaware)
Completely replaced the RACP and trunk floor panels.
Installed Vince Bar (welded) before installing trunk floor, so it truly was a stealth install.
Installed Redish reinforcement plates.
Here's a thread I started during that time:

Fall 2017:
Put car backend back together. Almost all rubber parts replaced.
Son drove it at New Jersey Motorsports Park during Porsche club event

Winter 2017:
Son lost control of car on a slow bend while aggressively shifting gears. Hit guard rail, broke both front wheel linkages, and car slid on nose down the road. Car was totaled and insurance company would only compare it to SMG cars. Time to buy the car back and part it out to make up for the lost money.

Early 2018:
Rented a barn to store the carcass and disassembly starts
Found and purchased 2001 LSB M3 on eBay:
Removed and trashed the bad gray interior
Installed the Cinnamon interior (driver's seat, door cards, carpet, dash, headliner, pillars, sunroof cartridge)
Rebuilt both doors. Car can now be locked / unlocked with key and driver's door now opens using outside handle.
Passenger window regulator replaced.
Horrible tint removed. (still lots of adhesive left on rear window)
Retrofitted OEM LED Tails using adapter cables
Retrofitted factory NAV
Added Sirius XM
Added CD Changer

March 2018:
Replaced right tail light
Replaced windshield cowl
Replaced key fobs & batteries
Retrofitted PDC (sensors not in bumper yet)
Replaced the clutch, clutch fork, pivot pin, throwout bearing - basically everything between the transmission and engine.
March 8, 2018: Car is driven for the first time!

Still to come:
* Cam shaft sensor faults
* Add bi-xenon high beam trigger wires from LSZ
* Add Orion V4 Angel Eyes
* Replace headlight lenses.
* Add bi-xenon headlights
* Add new OEM clear turn signals
* Front windshield damaged and needs replacing (newer model with light sensor)
* Replace right fender (silver)
* Replace fender grills
* Add new OEM Euro bumper
* Crappy aftermarket kidney grills don't fit. Hood might be to blame.
* Hood paint is heavily oxidized.
* Replace rear bumper with one that has PDC sensors (silver)
* Complete respray

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