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Are you the Buyer or Seller?: buyer
Model Year: 2006
Mileage: 42.8k
Coupe or Convertible?: coupe
Exterior Color: silver
Interior Color: gray
Manual or SMG?: manual
Major Options: PP, HK, 19's, Al trim
Under Warranty? (if yes, please indicate type and remaining coverage): no warranty
Overall Condition (Excellent, Good, Fair, Poor): excellent
Any unusual items that affected value?: includes 72 month/100k BMW maintenance contract which covers all scheduled maintenance (e.g. Inspection I/II) even including items like brakes
With Whom Did You Complete the Sale? (Private, BMW Dealership, Other Dealership, Auction): private
How Did You Find Seller/Buyer?: craigslist via

Sale Location (City, State): Houston, TX
Sale Date (Month, Year): 3/21/10
Seller Asking Price: $27.1k
Final Sales Price: $27.1k (plus $475 shipping to Colorado)
Est. Published Value, if known (KBB, NADA, Galves, etc.): NADA Clean Trade In - $29.8k, NADA Retail - $34.2k; Edmonds Trade In - $26.9k, Edmonds Private Party - $29.3k, Edmonds Retail - $34.5k
Other Comments (amount of time in the market, successful negotiating tactics, words of advice, etc.): searched daily for 6 weeks, on and off for 3 months; good cars at fair prices are out there, if you want a specific configuration you might have to 'pay for it'; I had PPI's performed on three cars and passed on the first two...
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