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Default Re: Throttle Actuator rebuild from UK

Originally Posted by pbonsalb View Post
I am using one rebuilt by Jason at but mine came from the US distributor:

However, before that I did attempt to rebuild 4 actuators with new gears. 2 still did not work, one that was working when I changed gears worked for another year and then failed. The fourth one was still working when I removed it (I had the unit on a shelf and installed it because I was changing the starter motor and it was easy to do it then and I figured the one with just new gears would fail soon). Just changing gears won’t fux the problems for long. The circuit board is also a problem. I did not attempt to rebuild that, although you can buy mosfets. Some have had success and some have not when replacing mosfets. Jason probably has a way to test the circuitry.

So Jason rebuild works? Because i was almost confused that it failed before

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