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Default Re: MSS52 / MSS54 / MSS54HP Binary Modification Tool

Originally Posted by bimmerdriver View Post
I agree with much of what you say. The requirement for high current chargers is valid for newer BMWs (although, perhaps not 100A), but not for the E46. I have an HP laboratory power supply that I use as a battery charger / power supply while coding. When I set it to the float voltage (13.6V) with the key turned on, the car will draw around 10A. (That's with all accessories turned off, although my car has DRLs.) While you can probably get away without a charger if you have a new battery, depleting a battery reduces its life. It's better for the battery and safer if you use a charger. I suggest getting a good quality charger that puts out at least 10A.
Vast majority of us are not running DRLs, in which case the power draw is much less than 10A.

And really... a flash takes what, 3 minutes with BMW flash and 30 seconds with MSSFlasher? You're not going to damage a battery even if the load is 50A in that time frame.
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