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Default Re: Clutch Pedal Return Spring Install

Originally Posted by haus View Post
Since you said metal piece, I'm guessing you have the earlier style, 10, 11, 12, 13, where 12 is the metal piece. I'm about to replace my clutch hydraulics so I took a pic. You can see the metal piece sits between the metal bracket and part 13.

For reassembly, don't mess with zip ties. Follow Nick's advice to disconnect the m/c plunger from the pedal in his video and it'll be a lot easier:

BMW E36 Clutch Pedal Bushing install video - YouTube
Haus, thank you for sharing...yes, I got the old style...also, I now realize what Nick is talking about not needing to use zip ties. However, I found this thread on another forum and I'll paste here since the subject is about BMW cars, I hope the Mods don't mind...( since I bought the car, I have never liked the clutch feel. So, I have ordered extension spring part number is 35 21 1 158 489 and the two grommets at my local dealer ($13 and change). I wondered whether anyone here tried definitely sounds cool. This way, I don't have to mess with spring assembly as it will be deleted.

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