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Default Re: M3 E46 Pre Cat O2 sensor replacement...

Originally Posted by TboneM3 View Post
Ya you're right, I wasn't even thinking of stock headers.

As far as the sensors go, you cn but the OE/OEm part or you can buy a generic bosch and splice your old plug into the new sensor and save some $.
Prices on these Bosch sensors are absolutely absurd, you are basically paying a massive tax get them with the BMW connector. Bosch is the OEM for tons of O2 sensors for other companies and can be had much cheaper, but you'd likely need to do some repinning. I probably wouldn't pay more than $30 for a narrowband switching O2 sensor personally. Luckily I haven't had to deal with this issue, but when the time comes you can bet I won't be buying a $100 sensor. You can get Bosch LSU 4.9 widebands for around $30 if you know what to look for, so there is no reason a narrowband with much older technology should cost $100.
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