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Default Re: RS-30 lithium battery

Originally Posted by Volke View Post
Hmm... I'll have to take your word on the DME. I have not had the E46 long, and I'm used to turbo cars that have some learned parameters( ex. A/F Learning & Fine Knock Learning on the Subaru STI).

The programable shift lights & beep, reverse tone, and gear indicator on my BRZ also reset along with the clock, so I figured there's be more stuff that resets on the E46 besides the clock.

I just bought a Braille G30 that I'm installing soon, but I look forward to seeing what else is new on batteries in a few years.
The learned parameters on the DME are stored in non-volatile memory - battery disconnect won't impact it.

You'll lose the clock, mpg/average speed calculations, and radio presets I think when disconnecting the battery
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