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OEMs for various parts from Flow's Thread:

Originally Posted by Flow View Post
What do you guys think about making an OE manufacturer part list ?
This would make it possible to easily buy the OE part without paying the BMW markup.

First, lets clarify the difference between OE and OEM.
OE : Original Equipment. What the M3 came with when it left the factory.
OEM : Original Equipment Manufacturer. A manufacturer that sells parts to BMW but not necessarely the one you are buying. For instance, Bosch is an OE supplier for ignition coils, but an OEM for brake pads (not sure they actually make brake pads). Textar on the other hand is OE for brake pads, and OEM for ignition coils (pretty sure they do not manufacture ignition coils).

I started to assemble some information for maintenance items. Not sure this is going to go anywhere, but here it is. If this gets any sort of traction, I'll keep updating it as I find information.
If there is any mistake you see, or any additional information, please tell me so I can update accordingly.
Please read this with your browser and not tapatalk, as the table view is not supported in tapatalk.

ItemBMW part nr.OE ManufacturerOE Manufacturer part nr.StatusRemark
Engine maintenance     
Oil filter11427833769MahleOX187DConfirmedSame product & company as KNECHT OX 187D
Oil83212365944ShellHelix Ultra Racing 10W60ConfirmedUsed to be Castrol TWS Motorsport Professional 10W60
Spark plugs12120022902NGKDCPR8EKPConfirmed 
Ignition coils12138657273EldorPBT-GF30ConfirmedOld manufaturer : Bosch 0221504470 / Bremi
Air filter13721730449MahleLX 343ConfirmedSame product & company as KNECHT LX 343
Air filter, CSL13722838625BMCNot available directly from manufacturerTBCOnly available through BMW
Oil separator / Crankcase Pressure Regulator Valve11157840446MahleA0 52-1Not available directly from manufacturerConfirmedNot available from Mahle directly. Vaico seems to sell it.
Idler pulley11287841228INA532 0418 10ConfirmedMarking "Made in Slovakia"
Adjusting pulley11281748131INA532 0001 10ConfirmedOE manufacturer TBC
AC compressor belt11287830946Continental5PK829ConfirmedBrand "Contitech"
Alternator / water pump belt11287837898Continental6PK1460ConfirmedBrand "Contitech"
Fan clutch11527831619BEHR8MV 376 733-001Confirmed 
Engine cooling fan blades11521712058ThyssenKrupNot available directly from manufacturerConfirmedD=420MM. Not available from Thyssen directly.
Water pump11517838118GPMNot available directly from manufacturerConfirmedOld part nr. : 11 51 7 838 159. Not available from GPM directly ?
Water thermostat11531318274WAHLER4621.80DTBC80°C
Water radiator17102228941Modine / NRFModine : 1613280 / NRF : 51597TBC (Part nr.) 43/9,4/66 - Marking "Z-N : 1613280". Manufacturer is Modine, but P/N not to be found. NRF is the same company
Cooling fluid83192211191   For extreme cold weather : 83 19 2 211 914
Fuel pump16142229684N/ANot available directly from manufacturerTBCOnly available through BMW
Oil radiator17212228942Modine / NRFModine : ?? / NRF : 31106Confirmed 
Engine support bushings11812283798Lemförder15487 01ConfirmedSame markings on the bushing for BMW & Lemförder
Oxygen sensorSee remarksBosch0 258 003 751 (840mm) / 0 258 005 139 (935mm) / F 00H L00 305 (750mm) / 0 258 005 281 (480mm)ConfirmedBMW Part numbers : 11781743994 (840mm) / 11781406622 (935mm) / 11781405324 (750mm) / 11787832035 (480mm)
Misc maintenance     
Cabin filter643192575043MDP 7100-1137-1TBC (Part nr.)"3M" marking on the OE filter
Windshield wipers61619071613Bosch3 397 001 394ConfirmedEvo flatblade : 61 61 0 037 009 (Downgrade)
Hydraulic belt tensioner11281717188INA533 0003 10ConfirmedComplete belt tensioner part nr. : 11287838797. OE manufacturer TBC
Exhaust hangers18201401797    
Drivetrain maintenance     
Flywheel21212229900LuK415 0175 10Confirmed 
Clutch slave cylinder21526785966   Multiple suppliers.
Gearbox support bushing22322282340   Not available as OEM ?
Driveshaft universal flex disc / GUIBO26112226527SGFBuy FEBI 43496 or Vaico V20-18015 which is manufactured by SGF apparently LK=96MM/12. Not available from SGF directly. The Febi guibo is manufactured by SGF
Differential bushing front33172282484   Made by BMW ? Marking "EKT GE" ? Not to be found as OEM
Differential bushing rearSee remarks   Only available with the diff cover, PN 33112282482
Transmission fluid83222339219PentosinMTF-LT2TBCMTF-LT2. Maybe Castrol ?
Differential fluid83222282583Castrol75W140 Limited SlipConfirmedBMW SAF-XJ limited slip differential fluid with FM booster. Castrol needs the FM booster added
SMG hydraulic fluid83290429576PentosinCHF11SConfirmed 
Chassis maintenance     
Control arm bushings (FCAB) left, with bracket31122229623Lemförder27016 01ConfirmedP/N of bushing alone : 31122229857
Control arm bushings (FCAB) right, with bracket31122229624Lemförder27017 01ConfirmedP/N of bushing alone : 31122229857
Control arm, left31122229453Lemförder27014 02Confirmed 
Control arm, right31122229454Lemförder27015 02Confirmed 
Front anti-roll bar links front31356780847Lemförder17981 02TBC 
Front anti-roll bar bushings front31352229756    D=26MM. No OEM available
Front strut left31312283103Sachs310 051Confirmed 
Front strut right31312283104Sachs310 052Confirmed 
Front strut top mount left31332229165LemförderNot available from Lemförder. Maybe Lemförder bearing only, rest from BMW.TBCMarking "PA 887914" "133271" with Lemförder logo on the bearing.
Front strut top mount right31332229166LemförderNot available from Lemförder. Maybe Lemförder bearing only, rest from BMW.TBC 
Front wheel bearing31222229501FAG713 6494 00Confirmed 
Rear subframe bushing front left33312283573N/ANot available directly from manufacturer Made by BMW ?
Rear subframe bushing front right33312283574N/ANot available directly from manufacturer Made by BMW ?
Rear subframe bushing rear33312283419N/ANot available directly from manufacturer Made by BMW ?
Rear upper wishbone bushing (to subframe)33321092247Lemförder13205 02TBC 
Rear upper wishbone balljoint (to trailing arm)33326775551Lemförder13208 01TBCDiscontinued by BMW
Rear lower wishbone bushing (to subframe)33326770824Lemförder21383 01TBC 
Rear lower wishbone balljoint (to trailing arm)33326775551Lemförder13208 01TBCDiscontinued by BMW
Trailing arm bushing (RTAB)33326770817Lemförder35038 01TBCLemförder has same production marks as BMW. Use limiters for extended lifetime and better toe control)
Rear wheel bearing33411090505FAG713 6492 80Confirmed45X85,05X41
Rear anti-roll bar links33552283743Lemförder27123 02ConfirmedBMW logo ground off on Lemförder links.
Rear anti-roll bar bushings31352229711N/ANot available directly from manufacturer D=21,5MM
Rear struts33522283105Sachs310053TBC 
Rear strut top mount33526779670Lemförder25853 01 Boge bushing. Lemförder part has BMW logo ground off ? Upgrade this part in order to avoid puching through the chassis
Power steering reservoir32416851217ZF TBC (part nr.)Warning : aftermarket cap says to use CHF-11S. M3 power steerings use ATF oil instead.
Power steering rack32132229397ZF2901 601Confirmed 
Power steering fluid81229400272   Bmw atf d ii
Tie rod end link, left32212229367Lemförder27012 02Confirmed 
Tie rod end link, right32212229368Lemförder27013 02Confirmed 
Brake rotor, front left, standard34112229529    
Brake rotor, front right, standard34112229530    
Brake rotor, front left, ZCP34112282445    
Brake rotor, front right, ZCP34112282446    
Brake pads, front, standard34112282416Jurid573185JAS Confirmed 
Brake pads, front, ZCP34112282995Textar2347402Confirmed 
Brake pad wear sensor, front34356751311    
Brake rotor, rear, standard34212229379    
Brake rotor, rear left, ZCP34212282303    
Brake rotor, rear right, ZCP34212282304    
Brake pads, rear34216761248Textar2148704Confirmed 
Brake pad wear sensor, rear34352229780    
Brake fluid83132184843   DOT4 LV. Old part nr : 83 13 0 139 902

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