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Unfortunetly, i have an other problem with smg, all the 100 kilometers, the gearbox make a noise (the same that you not take the clutch with a manual gearbox) and the gear get s3 mode at 4000 tr/min between 3 and 4 gear.

The car was 50000 kilometers, no launch control, new gear oil at 27000 kilometers.

Bmw after a check and test, 3 default code , bmw says that the clutch was probably out.

My car was 2004, also no Warranty.

I have tell to him that : ok, my clutch is out, what's the really problem with the little kilometer? Was the same problem than the m5 e60 with the bad Flywheel?

I wait to an other answer from Bmw Germany...

Thank's to your advice...
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