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Default Re: What seats to upgrade to for Daily Driver?

Originally Posted by TheSt|G View Post
I really don't doubt you will fit then. Depending on width, the Cross Sportster might make more sense as it substantially reduces the leg bolstering. I ended up using the Recaro Speed S(same idea) on my 911 as it allowed me to splay my legs(I'm 6'5") and get a good driving position in terms of wheel to arm distance.

As far as Recaros in general go, I have nothing but positive things to say about them. Hugely comfortable and supportive, great in hard driving, very practical, light, safe, and the S08 custom order program had a ton of great options. Ultimately I'm going to do them to the M3 as well.
Originally Posted by bjz View Post
I'm tall and wide and i'm not confortable with the shoulders using the Sportster, Pole Position, etc and i want to install other seats also.
Interesting. Truth be told, it's a car for both the weekend and for autox/track. So while I do partake in autox/track I still want comfort. Maybe I'll stick with the OEM seats when the time comes. I sure do like the look of those Recaros.
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