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Default Re: Need info on buying an E36 m3 !!

A number of these cars may have been in any severity of wrecks seeing as they're 20+ years old. Check carefully for the usual suspects... paint lines on the rubber seals, mismatched panels, wavy areas, PANEL GAPS are a big one. Compare both sides and see if one has a wider or narrower gap. Look at the underside of the car and make sure there's no rust or undercarriage damage. Open and shut all doors and trunk / hood to see if they line up and close easily. Some cars do have issues with the trunk not shutting even without any history of damage.

Check for body cracks around the areas mentioned in the linked guide. Front and rear shock towers, RTAB pockets. Bring a mirror and flashlight or get a borescope. Also check all the VIN#s on the panels.
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