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Default $30 insurance for your VANOS unit.

"TONESTER" VANOS Maintenance


I was thinking since I've replaced all my big ticket items on the high failure rate list... I decided to do a little preventative maintenance to my VANOS unit w/ my recent Inspection 1.

Since VANOS unit are very sensitive to shavings/debris since inside there are a couple solenoids and seals that move at a very high rate of speed to induce oil pressure to advance/retard the cams... any sort debris would cause damage to those seals and/or score a solenoid causing premature failure.


I took off the "#2 - Solenoid Valve unit" since I noticed the "#7 - Sealing Plate" was seeping a little bit of oil.

I also ordered all the O-rings on the "#3 Pressure Limiting Valve".. I also went ahead and ordered the "#4 - Filter Cartridge" for the Valve. I figure.. its a filter it should also be replaced or at least cleaned out every so often.

When I removed the Pressure Valve... just as I thought, I found quite a bit of metal shavings and debris in the filter, probably from the break-in and debris just built up over time.

Cleaned everything up, put it all back in... it didn't make the car run any better (nothing I can feel).... but I do sleep better at night.

I would recommend anyone/everyone to get theirs replaced and or do it your self, if you think you can tackle the job.. its pretty simple and extra insurance for about $30.

I didn't have my camera with me to take pics of the nasty filter on the limiting valve.. hopefully someone who does theirs in the near future can snap a photo of their filter.

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