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Default Re: e46 M3 Press/Media/Reviews/Articles Thread

The 8 greatest naturally-aspirated engines we’ll miss

These are some of the greatest naturally aspirated engines of all time

Bavarian Six: the BMW M3

BMW’s naturally-aspirated engines could appear a half-dozen times on this list; the Bavarians have built a gem at every cylinder count between four and twelve. However, if there’s a BMW signature theme song, it’s played best by lining six cylinders up in a row and letting ’em rev.

BMW’s current naturally-aspirated engine count is zero, so we have to travel back in time to the third-generation M3 to find our champion. Built up until 2006, low-mileage examples with the rare competition package are holding firm on values, simply because there’s nothing else like it anymore.

Now outclassed on torque and overall horsepower by the new M3, a much larger and more violent car to drive, the old version has a beautifully balanced 3.2L inline-six making 333 horsepower. It’s simply a wonderful engine, smooth as silk but strong as an ox.
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