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Ask your question about unpairing a phone (or resetting the TCU) over at the bluetooth forums at both and Both have very knowledgeable people.

I also agree that disconnecting your battery for a few minutes may reset the TCU, it's worth a try.

With respect to the process of pairing a phone to a TCU, the TCU is automatically in pairing mode for about 2-3 minutes after you start the car. If you start the car and immediately initiate a search with your phone, your phone should see the TCU, then start the pairing process with your phone and it should ask for the TCU pairing key (which of course you have to know).

If you phone times out without seeing the TCU, immediately re-initiate the search, my phone sometimes times out during the first search, but if it does it finds it the second time. If you can't find the TCU device with your phone, then it would imply something is wrong on either the phone or TCU end.
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