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Default Re: AGTStyling rear under diffuser question

Originally Posted by erickrayos View Post
there's already a video on youtube about this. granted its on a Miata model but they compared just a rear diffuser vs a diffuser w/ complete flat bottom. the diffuser did add downforce but nothing significant while having the bottom completely flat and channel the air thru the diffuser it adds quite a lot of downforce. just google it I guess.
Iím not denying a rear diffuser can add downforce. The AGT is a tweaked replica of the varis. It was designed/molded in some guyís garage overseas (initially). The Miata, with whatever diffuser they used isnít an m3 or agt diffuser. Too many variables/differences. Unless all diffusers with flat bottoms provide proper downforce for any car.

Not saying agt does or doesnít, but itís all bro-science until proven properly.
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