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Default Re: WTB: Low Mileage E36 M3

Why OP, are you asking for this special car you want? Just Google and search like everyone else. You're going to gawk at the price if you want guys to come to you.

97 Byzanz on Black 4dr - Bot 6.13.19
96 Boston on Grey 2dr - Sold 10.28.17 Benny and Suad
98 TiSilver on Black 4dr - Sold 7.19.17 Jono driving it
97 Byzanz on Magma 4dr - Sold 7.7.17 Jerad hailed it
98 Estoril on Grey 4dr - Sold 9.23.13 Garrett driving it
98 Arctic on Grey 4dr - Sold 3.18.13 Brandon driving it
98 Estoril on Grey 2dr - Sold 8.6.12 Thy sold it
99 Estoril on Sand 2dr - Sold 7.31.12 Eric modding it
98 Arctic on Grey 2dr - Sold 3.10.12 Kyle driving it
96 Techno on Black 2dr-Sold 6.13.09 Ross totaled it
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