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Default Re: The definitive guide to self diagnosing your ABS/ASC light.

I feel your pain - I've been chasing an ABS/ASC light issue since christmas. Both relays and pedal sensor are new.

Found a guy with a GT1 setup (not emulated - authentic yellow diagnostic head) Cleared a bunch of old codes, none ABS related. We then queried the ABS computer directly and got a module not present error. New hypothesis/diagnosis is that I need a new ABS ECU.

I've read through all of these threads here and elsewhere, and I have a question that I haven't seen before. In a transition car like mine, with a round diagnostic plug and an OBD2 port, is it possible that certain modules can only be read from certain ports? Example: is it possible that the GT1 couldn't see my ABS/ASC+T modeule because we were connected to the round port? He didn't have the adapter to connect to the OBD2 plug.

Next step for me is a used ABS ECU I think. I just hate the thought of chasing this type of issue with parts.

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