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Originally Posted by BMWWilliamsF1
The M3 with its V8 engine (size still unconfirmed) is rumored to hit the 60/100 mark in under 5 putting it firmly in the sites of the AMG and Porsche crowd.
Eh ... which AMG and Porsche crowd? The year 1999 crowd? Or the year 2000? 0-60 in under 5, give me a break, stop being so pathetic.

The new 997 can do low 4s and 12 second 1/4 miles, and that's not neven the 997s. The C51 (not even a Z06) is evern faster. AMG? ROFL, don't kid yourself. Unless that M can do 0-60 in 4 seconds or less and pack more torque than a tank, you can't catch an AMG.
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