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Default Re: M3 Coilovers

Hey guys, I'm currently trying to find some opinion regarding the next steps I should take towards the suspension setup in my car.

Currently the car has the original front suspension and new Bilstein B6 shocks in the rear. However, the car behaves quite "loose" at high speeds (too much body roll). So I thought I could at least upgrade the front suspension also with Bilstein B6 shocks + new springs, either Eibach or H&R. However, there are some other options... I will try to summarize:

1. Option: Bilstein B6 shocks + Eibach?
I saw that Bilstein seels the B12 kit, which is exactly that. With that option, I guess I would spent around 500 Euro just with new shocks and new springs. At least the whole set would be new. But I'm afraid the car will continue too soft. The height should be ok, as the Eibach springs do not low too much, as I could see.

2. Option: Bilstein B6 shocks + H&R?
Does anyone know how this setup behaves? Most important, would it get too low? I'm really not looking to lower the car too much. Just want it to get harder, with less body roll.

Ok, for the first two I already found a very good comparison:

3. Option: Used KW V2 set with +- 20000 miles?
Everybody says KW suspensions are great. But would an used set also be good? I mean, 20k miles are not too much in this set? I could get it for around 750 Euro.

Does anyone could write an opinion on these setups? That would be great to take a wiser decision.

Thanks a lot!


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