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Default Re: Titan7 - Fully Forged T-R10/TS5 Track/Street-Ready Wheels - Clears BBK!

Originally Posted by WyattH View Post
Interesting definition of "in house" when that house is not Titan-7's.
How are they not importers like others you refer to?
Why "nobody else in the US" if Titan-7 also coming from China?
We're not making the wheels in our facility, we're shipping product, servicing BMWs day in and out, on the dyno or the track. However, we will be distributing Titan7s wheels on the West Coast and providing continous feedback on fine tuning fitment with various tires/suspension setups, and feedback on the street/track. While you can source a fully US made wheel, it will come at a substantially higher cost and lesser quality if they are not pressing forgings at the same specs.

Most wheels that are sold in the marketplace change through many hands. And most sourced from Asia (either Japan or China), including the big-name US and German companies. For example, you will have a factory ship to a broker > which is then shipped overseas to an importer > which is purchased by a distributor > then to a shop > then to the consumer.

We ship to you essentially factory direct, cutting out the middleman - putting the savings back in your pocket.

We are not in the business of overcharging our customers. We are offering a technically superior wheel to many of the Forged wheel companies in the USA while pricing them for much less. A win-win situation.
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