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I'd rather be at the track.
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Default Re: Rob's '02 Tiag Street/Track Build

Started with something simple, fixing the door lock. Car came with 2 keys, one with a dead battery. Never actually checked if the manual drive side lock worked and found out the hard way it didn't... Long story short I lost the working battery key on a run and had to call the wife to bring the other key, then, crawl though the trunk to get it unlocked!

Started by ordering a kit off eBay

Got the lock and an took it apart:

Most of the internal lock parts were missing, but the kit had everything I needed. Got everything re-installed:

At first the lock wouldnt turn, so I rebuilt it again. Turns out it was just frozen and needed a lot of lube. Got it turning and reinstalled, works great!

Also ordered a new key from BMW Parts Store. Had to email over copies of my license and registration and they sent a new key. Programed it using this thread.
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