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Default Re: Comprehensive SMG to 6MT Conversion Thread

Originally Posted by RedM3/4 View Post
Very nice! After you get the basics in, it would be good to know what parts made it horrible or where you got hung up, that is if there was anything specific past the pain of getting the parts list and steps sorted, which had to be it's own level of hell!

Off the top of my head, I had a very difficult time getting a few of the transmission bellhousing bolts broken loose, and also had a hell of a time getting the starter motor to separate from the alignment pin at the bellhousing. Part of the problem in getting the bellhousing bolts to break loose is that, through 3-4 ft of extensions with universal joints, a lot of torque that you're applying through your breaker bar or impact wrench is not actually being applied to the bolt head. It can also be extremely frustrating just trying to snake the socket and extensions through to even reach the transmission bolt heads. This is not made easier by having the SMG actuator in the way, although I would think its far more difficult to remove it with the transmission still installed than it is to just work around. The starter motor was difficult because it seems that the dowel pin was seized to the starter flange on the inside. Patience and some brute force was the only answer, and I'm glad to say no damage was done in the process.

Originally Posted by e46<3 View Post
This again ? Now i almost have to do the swap this summer

OP this is FANTASTIC work my man, nicely thought out with pictures, tables, parts and prices!
Thank you very much, hopefully it will start to look like less of a jumbled mess over the next couple of days! In my opinion, it is well worth the effort IF you have enough time / money already into your SMG car that it is not worth selling for a 6MT.
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