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Here's a simple one that will make you feel stupid (happened to me and another friend w/SMG):

Issue: Engine off, ignition on; pressing the brake pedal as normal and the transmission won't go into neutral to start the car regardless of moving the shifter left.

Duuuh Solution: Press the brake pedal more firmly. If for whatever reason you've pumped your brakes with the engine off and pedal feel becomes firm, light brake pedal engagement won't register. You have to mash the brake pedal if this is the case. Up until then I had been used to lightly pressing the brake when I start my car.

My friend and I on separate occasions were like, "aah crap, SMG failed somehow" until we realized the stupidity of it all.

On a separate note, this thread needs to be stickied. After reading this thread and others I've bought a spare SMG relay that I keep in my glovebox

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