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Default Re: $6k paint job gone wrong !!!!

Originally Posted by MasterShake View Post
Condolences to you and your family.

You must understand that people deal with things differently, I agree that following religion blindly is not the best thing you can do, especially when it turns into extremism.

In this case however, I believe the owner is using his religion to help him accept reality, such is the case sometimes with people. It is sometimes much easier to face uncertain future with a forgiving and accepting attitude. While I myself would pursue legal action, I don't think the owner deserves the comments left here in this thread about his decision.

Obviously we can agree to disagree and argue about this all day, but that's not the point of this thread.

Thank you for you sentiments, however I think it would be far more accurate to say that he is using religion to deny reality (as was my mother), but you may feel free to look at it any way that pleases you. I do agree that this thread and the others concerning this issue are not about his religion choices but about how he was taken advantage of with regards to his car.

And as to the issue of "deserves", since he has placed all this out in the public he should expect and in fact deserves to receive comment, either for or against his case. I am for his case against Vlad, but also against his choice of not handling it.

I will say this, the owner may not have much of a choice because since he has failed to put any of this in a legal pleading Vlad can, should he choose to, file a suit against him for libel. I guess it simply remains to be seen where this will all go.
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