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Default Re: Avin Avant 3 Wait and Other Options

Originally Posted by Rakshas View Post
I'm as big an OEM ***** as they come and I couldn't be happier with my Kenwood Double DIN DDX9903S with a bezel.

Having had a car with OEM Nav, a car with OEM non-nav, and this - this system blows all other options away in terms of functionality, looks, and sound quality. The guts of these OEM-like options aren't near what Pioneer and Kenwood put in their high end units.
I'm fully in agreement, having put a Pioneer unit in my old Toyota Landcruiser, but that one at least fit very nicely in the OEM spot. In the E46, without perhaps a completely different trim design that I have yet to see, double-DIN units look completely out of place because of the huge space left and right of the screen that is typically just left to black plastic. Currently that's occupied by buttons/knobs.
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