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Default Re: Avin Avant 3 Wait and Other Options

I sold my Avant 2 to go tablet install. While researching parts and stuff I saw that Eonon was releasing the GA6150F and for the preorder price couldn't beat it on the tablet. It's a better value than the Avant 2 for sure. But ultimately still sucks. Soooo slow, doesn't feel like multiple cores. It's faster inside a single app than the Avant 2, but multitasking it just can't do (like the Avant 2). Feels like it's a half core at times when running waze and a music app.

Has some issues but are minor compared to the AA2. Most are software issues.

Eonon support is responsive, but awful. I've got a 30 email thread where they ask me to trouble shoot things I already did a few emails earlier, or ask me for a video I've already sent them.

For 300 bucks I guess it's worth it, but know that it's slow and has a lot of annoyances like not being able to get to your recent apps by holding home or double tapping home. Steering wheel skip does not work with 3rd party apps (only stock radio and music apps). BT is handled horribly. If you like an app that has a check to turn on BT that request to Android just goes into limbo and you can never use the app because it cannot confirm BT is on/connected.

I'm running a custom ROM with root, which helped speed it up a little and gave me back my steering wheel controls in 3rd party apps, and some other minor nice to have features. Back to wanting to do an Android tablet install now.

The screen is way nicer than the Avant 2 at least. Really, I'm just over all of these Chinese garbage units lol.
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