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Default Re: American Racing Headers for the E46 M3

Originally Posted by Brian N View Post
From my conversations with Nick it does seem this way. He sold me on these headers without a doubt. He also said that these should work for a broader range of cars from stock to NA to FI because of the 6-1 rotational firing design.

Nick also mentioned if these headers sell well. Which I think they will. That he would consider making a complete exhuast system! This would be awesome for us guys looking to squeeze the rest out of this motor. I wonder what data he will come up with for tube size that would be optimal for us NA guys. When I mentioned that he should create a full 2.5 inch system he said he would have to do testing because he didn't want to slow down the exhaust flow. He said most of the restriction was up front in the header and section 1.

I hope he gets on here to talk more about it. I sent him a quick email mentioning that this thread went up. He is a really knowledgeable guy and true car nut.
I completely agree that most of the restriction is upfront. Stock section 1 meaures at 2.16" then becomes 2.36 at the resonator... I think most of the gains of the v1s are due to the section 1 being of a larger diameter. Now imagine even larger primaries and 6to1 collector where some pulse is always tugging on the next

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