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THANK YOU VERY MUCH "fat hal" and everyone on this thread for the EXCELLENT post.

My car ('02 e46 M3) had the exact same symptoms last two days and yesterday I had it towed to the local dealership in Houston to have them replace the battery thinking that it was the battery; the "service consultant" and their so call "expert" didn't bother to diagnose to validate the root-caused, they just took my words for it.

After they've replaced the battery and I'm not sure what they did but they got it to start just fine; later on that night the son-of-a-gun won't start again with the exact same symptoms. At this point, I'm thinking I'm screwed and might as well to just park the car in front of the dealership and let them keep it because they quoted me around
$7K to do a transmission swap...

After several hours of intense nervously researching, I found this thread last night and thought at this point it's my last hope and all symptoms seem to matched. I bought the relay switch at the dealership for $20 and 5 minutes later...

I'm in love once again, my car had me at hello once again!!!!!!

Pray for me and keep your finger cross for me everyone, we'll leave it overnight and see tomorrow morning.

I think BMW drivers truly have great communities; besides the sheer driving pleasure mixed in with the once in a while heart and head ache of spending time and money fixing our cars, I think we buy BMWs also because we want to be a part of a great community!

Thank you all.
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