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Default Re: My 99' Hellrot intro

Got the chance to drive a bit today, lots of traffic on main roads BUT it was a nice day out of the house with the wife. We are both self employed, so holiday weekends (or hell, any weekend) often just turn into "work days" if we're not careful. Today was really nice, the first proper day off my wife or I have had in a few weeks. Gave the hoopty a wash, had lunch in Malibu, took the long way back through a few canyons, and grabbed a couple phone pics.

Loving the new wheel. The old one wasn't that "bad" but the feel of new perforated leather is so nice.

**** these things. I ended up having to get help at my friend's shop to get the glass out, a requirement for this job. Bad on me for not giving myself enough time and not realizing how much of a task it is to replace the door handles if you've never done it before. I bit off more than I could chew given the fact that I don't have a garage to work in, just an exposed parking lot. I dream of a rent controlled apartment in Venice with a garage... That isn't 5x what we pay now

HARD Motorsports door pulls because racecar. I like them, but the fit is not perfect because racecar. There's a little gap on the top of the mounting plate, I'm considering DIY ways to improve.

Don't see these every day, ultra rare MCivic 3X

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