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Default Re: My 99' Hellrot intro

Originally Posted by Anubis View Post
That's not even that bad for glovebox sag, lol.
Yea it annoys me though. I didn't get to it yesterday... Instead I thought "I'll do the door handles, that will be easy." Couldn't get the window out of the way. Passenger side door is in pieces right now HA. Going to my friend's tonight to get some help so I don't I accidentally break some shit

Originally Posted by c_tejuco View Post
+1 project indefinite(s), tbh. i love it, my wife does not. lol

Great progress on this, man. Can't wait to see it on some wheels, but won't hold my breath..
I feel your pain haha. And yea, wheels... Can o' worms lol I will get to that someday... This is the first project car I've had for this long without getting around to putting wheels on Also I've definitely never had 2 sets of wheels sitting in storage with none on the car.
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