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Default Re: $6k paint job gone wrong

Not sure what happened to 'Vlad', but read the last few pages of this post :

Jand3rson who set up the fund somehow lost the $2000 that was raised (claimed his paypal was hacked)... No posts made to update

Someone bumped the thread asking for an update ~3 years later, it comes to light that Jand3rson and Yan both knew the funds were lost but kept it 'secret'

Jand3rson ends up selling his E30 to pay Yan back (and a site admin for some lost advertising money, I think).

Both these guys seem shady to me. Jand3rson might just be dumb and not a white collar criminal, but we have this Yan guy who is so biblical that he won't sue- but not biblical enough to come clean with the community? LOL.

Also, taking community donations for a repaint just because your religious views don't allow you to sue is pretty low in my book. Originally (before selling his car) Jand3rson spoke about starting a gofundme to get the $2 grand back (the community shot this down real quick, thankfully)... However, another thread was started for donations to Yan (unclear how much $ that one got). So this Yan guy not only got his $2k, 3 years late, but he also profited from another fundraiser...
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